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Smoke from Canadian Wildfires to Affect Tri-State Air Quality Once More

Smoke from Canadian Wildfires to Affect Tri-State Air Quality Once More
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Governor Kathy Hochul’s administration has issued an air quality health advisory specifically for Wednesday, targeting the Eastern Lake Ontario, Central New York, and Western New York regions. With over 300 wildfires continuing to ravage Canada, the resultant smoke is expected to have a significant impact on the local air quality.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, Governor Hochul underscored the immediate and tangible repercussions of climate change, urging individuals to acknowledge the present-day consequences. She emphasized, “If you want to witness the effects of climate change, you’ll experience them firsthand tomorrow. This is not a predicament confined to future generations. We are, indeed, the first generation grappling with the real consequences of climate change, and we also hold the last opportunity to address it meaningfully.”

Governor Hochul advised residents to stay informed by regularly checking the air quality index, accessible at The index already indicated a shift into the moderate range, surpassing a score of 50, as of Tuesday.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City took to Twitter to inform the populace that the city’s air quality is expected to be impacted starting Wednesday. The deterioration is projected to persist until Thursday.

Meteorologist Jeff Smith provided insight into the near-surface smoke forecast, suggesting that the smoke will encircle the system on Wednesday, permeating the northeastern United States. However, the New York City metropolitan area may experience a relatively clearer atmosphere, akin to a “donut hole” within the affected region. By Thursday, as the system progresses towards the ocean, some of the near-surface smoke is anticipated to reach western New York.

Consequently, air quality is likely to deteriorate, potentially reaching unhealthy levels for sensitive groups. The arrival of northwest winds could further exacerbate the air quality situation as Thursday transitions into late Thursday and early Friday.

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