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In a recent address to the nation, Russian President Vladimir Putin made accusations against the West, suggesting that they desired Russians to engage in violence and turn against each other during the mutiny led by the Wagner group.

Putin stated that he had issued orders to avoid bloodshed during the revolt, emphasizing his commitment to preventing further harm. He further mentioned that amnesty was granted to the Wagner fighters involved in the mutiny, which presented a significant challenge to his long-standing rule. The President outlined that these fighters were given the option to join the Russian army, relocate to Belarus, or return to their homes. Additionally, Putin expressed gratitude and paid tribute to the pilots who lost their lives in the failed rebellion.

He also acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of the security officials who handled the armed uprising. However, despite the resolution of the Wagner mutiny, investigations into Yevgeny Prigozhin, who allegedly attempted to organize the rebellion, are still ongoing. Prigozhin himself claimed in an audio message that the action was a protest against Russia’s military leadership and not an attempted coup.

Meanwhile, in response to Putin’s accusations, United States President Joe Biden clarified that neither the United States nor NATO had any involvement in the Wagner uprising. The U.S. State Department confirmed that Ambassador Lynne Tracy directly contacted Russia to reiterate that the United States had no role in the events.

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